Top 10 Fighting Dog Breeds

Dogfighting was a popular blood sport which was been widely practiced in the past. These 10 most dangerous dog breeds focus on the potential of a dog to cause serious injury to a victim.

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#1 Alabai

The first place belongs to a huge Alabai. This is a real fighter, moreover, smart and devoted to his master. And although dogfighting is now banned, they are still practiced in Turkmenistan. Well, their participants are precisely the Alabai. When acquiring Alabai, you should know that it can be very aggressive towards other people. However, as a guard, he is simply irreplaceable.

#2 Bandog

This is a huge dog with a fierce look. She was bred by crossing a pit bull and a mastiff and inherited all their fighting qualities. The breed is quite rare and expensive. This is a reliable guard and a brave defender, with a calm and non-aggressive character, which is very popular among dog lovers.

#3 American Bulldog

These fighting dogs were created for bullying animals and participating in battles. But they have long become pets and have lost all their aggressiveness. Of course, if you do not pay attention to your pet and do not take care of its upbringing, then it can become uncontrollable.

#4 American Pit bull

They came from crossing a terrier with a bulldog. From some inherited mischief and liveliness, and from others - excellent fighting qualities. They were created for the ring, but now they feel great in the role of pets and can win the hearts of all family members. They can madly love their master and do everything to please him.

#5 Akita Inu

Looking at a plush miracle, it is hard to imagine that these are fighting dogs. The dog-like bear in the distant past took part in the bloody battles in Japan. These are non-aggressive animals with excellent qualities of protector and guard.

#6 English mastiff

Today it is the largest dog. The breed is artificially bred for hunting and participating in wars. From an early age, mastiff puppies were dressed up in armor and trained as fighting ones. In ancient Rome, they participated in gladiatorial battles, where tigers, lions, and bears were their rivals. Over time, these cruel and bloody events were banned, and the mastiffs began to perform only watchdog functions.

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