85 Best Fighting Dog Names with Meanings


Choosing the perfect name for your fighting dog is an important part of bonding with them.

Not only does it give your pup a unique identity, but it can also reflect their strength and ferocity.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best fighting dog names with powerful meanings that show everyone just how tough they are.

From ancient Greek to Norse gods, your pup is sure to have a name that perfectly reflects their fighting spirit!

Male Fighting Names for Dogs


  •     Dima (Slovak for a warrior)
  •     Moriarty (Irish for sea warrior)
  •     Andre (Greek for warrior)
  •     Samurai (Member of the warrior class)
  •     Hector (The bravest and most famous Trojan warrior)
  •     Kane (Gaelic for tribute; warrior)
  •     Harb (Arabic for warrior)
  •     Elvy (An elf warrior)
  •     Cadby (English for warriors village)
  •     Barry (Gaelic for spear)
  •     Bushi (Japanese for all warriors)
  •     Eloy (Spanish for warrior)
  •     Barny (German for brave as a bear)
  •     Ajax (Mightiest Greek warrior in the Trojan war)
  •     Hooch (Famous and majestic film police dog)
  •     Abner (Hebrew for Army commander)
  •     Cadman (Anglo-Saxon for warrior)
  •     Andrew (Greek for warrior, strong)
  •     Chadwick (English for a warrior’s settlement)
  •     Nana (Famous Chiricahua Apache leader)
  •     Selma (German for God’s helmet)
  •     Achilles (Famous warrior)
  •     Askari (East African for soldier)

  •     Duncan (Brown warrior; dark-skinned warrior)
  •     Duxi (Warrior of the people)
  •     Atsushi (Japanese for compassionate warrior)
  •     Marco (Italian for warrior)
  •     Geronimo (Apache warrior)
  •     Allard (German for noble and brave)
  •     Bali (Hindu for mighty warrior)
  •     Luther (German warrior)
  •     Ludwig (Famous warrior)
  •     Baron (Warrior; title of nobility used as a given name)
  •     Herod (Greek for warrior, also for Herod the Great)
  •     Dustin (Old English for warrior)
  •     Humbert (German for warrior)
  •     Juh (Apache warrior)
  •     Martin (warrior of Mars)
  •     Albar (English for elf warrior)
  •     Alexander (Greek for defender of men)
  •     Indra (Hindi for fierce warrior)
  •     Gunther (German for warrior)

Female Fighting Names for Dogs

  •     Alvira / Alvera (German for universal protector)
  •     Branka (Slovak for protector)
  •     Lexie (Greek for man’s defender)
  •     Armina (English for warrior princess)
  •     Trudi (Strong spear warrior)
  •     Joan (Refers to Joan of Arc)
  •     Alexandra (Greek for female protector)
  •     Deandra (A Greek warrior)
  •     Alexis (Greek for man’s defender)
  •     Minna (German for man’s defender)
  •     Elvara (Old English for warrior)
  •     Loyce (German for a female warrior)
  •     Nora (The greatest woman warrior in the history of Albania)
  •     Zelda (A warrior)
  •     Rosamund (German for horse protector)
  •     Matilda (Old German for female warrior)
  •     Diva (The heroine and leading lady)
  •     Sandra (Greek for defending men)
  •     Brina (English for strong)
  •     Juno (Goddess and wife of Zeus, protector of women)
  •     Maia (Brave warrior)
  •     Andromeda (An Amazon warrior)

  •     Freyja (The goddess of love, beauty and war in Norse mythology)
  •     Elmina / Elma (German for determined defender)
  •     Hida (German for warrior)
  •     Pisto (Amazon warrior)
  •     Arely (Hebrew for brave)
  •     Alastair (Scottish for warrior)
  •     Athena (The goddess of mental agility, intelligence)
  •     Xena (Greek for warrior princess)
  •     Sloane (American English for fighter)
  •     Cass / Cassy (Greek for man’s defender)
  •     Levana (Hebrew for defender of the moon)
  •     Velma (Germanic for protector)
  •     Valda (Norse for spirited warrior)
  •     Jade (A stone known for defense)
  •     Sasha (Russian for defender)
  •     Olesia (Polish for defender of mankind)
  •     Hilda (Germanic for battle)
  •     Barbara / Bonny (Defender against fire)
  •     Willa (German for protector)
  •     Raina (German for wise guardian)
  •     Mathilda (Old German for battle maiden; strength)

If you’re looking to add a little bit of strength and spirit to your household, then look no further than the fighting dog breeds!

With their strong loyalty and courage, they make great companions for anyone looking for a devoted friend.

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