TOP 10 Most Playful Dog Breeds In The World

Although it is embedded in the dog breed itself, to be playful, there are only some especially playful breeds. Here is a list of our ten most playful dog breeds in the world.

#1 Boxer

A boxer is a playful, good-natured dog that loves being around an energetic child. Calm, curious, energetic, happy breed of dogs, as well as a service dog.

#2 English Springer Spaniel

This type of breed has great energy, including a passion for outdoor games.

#3 Corgi

Corgi is a breed that is constantly active and playful. He loves to play with children, as well as outdoors.

#4 Jack Russell Terrier

Size doesn't matter! This dog is one of the most energetic dogs in our selection. Jack Russell Terrier is a bright, playful dog who loves swimming, hiking, running, flyball and everything related to the use of their energy.

#5 Papillon

This smart and cute little Papillon loves to have fun, so play with this little dog, otherwise, he will find a way to entertain himself. Take it for a long walk in the park. He will surely succeed in dog sports!

#6 Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever

One of the most popular dog breeds. These two breeds are filled with playful energy and gaiety, which make them a wonderful family friend. Both of them love to play outdoors with their family.

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