Top 10 Smallest Dog Breeds

Small dogs can be your great companion. Did your little pal make the list?

#2 Yorkshire Terrie

Not only is the Yorkshire Terrier one of the smallest dog breeds in the world, but it is also one of the cutest. Weigh up to 3.2 kg, height up to 23 cm.

  1. I am looking to adopt or rescue a small female senior dog no other animals in the home we are seniors lost our beloved Tobi Jan. 3, 2020 just shy of her 15th birthday.

#3 Pomeranian

Pomeranian was bred in Germany in Pomerania, from where it got its name. The height of the dog is 18-22 cm, weight 2-4 kg.

#4 Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise has become a favorite of French and Italian ladies. Bichon Frize translates as "curly lapdog."The height of the dog is 23-30 cm and weight is 3-5 kg.

#5 Papillon

Papillon, the 5th smallest dog breed in the world, is one of the oldest toy spaniels. The growth of papillons reaches 20-28 cm and weighs 3-5 kg. They live up to 15-17 years.

#6 Boston Terrier

Our third-smallest dog in the world is the Boston Terrier. Boston Terriers are small and compact with a short tail. Weight 4-10 kg, height 35-42 cm.

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