Top 10 Tallest Dog Breeds In The World

#7 Scottish Deerhound- min. 76 cm

These dogs are born hunters, have a lightning reaction. Very active, extremely hardy, rarely display aggression and practically do not bark.

#8 Kuvasz – 70–76 cm.

This is a fairly large dog with a thick white coat, which is distinguished by courage and fearlessness. The content is absolutely not demanding.

#9 Caucasian Shepherd Dog- 68–75 cm.

The first mention of them dates back to 1121 BC. e. These dogs are persistent, courageous and decisive. Incredulity to strangers.

#10 Greater Swiss Mountain Dog- 65–72 cm

This is a large, heavy dog with incredible physical strength. They are sociable, active and calm, rarely barking for no reason.

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