Top 10 Tallest Dog Breeds In The World

Want to know more about the 10 tallest dog breeds in the world? So…

#1 Irish Wolfhound – min. 80 cm

The Irish Wolfhound is the highest breed of dog bred for hunting and protection. This is an ancient breed that existed in Ireland in the IV century. They are absolutely not aggressive, by their nature are quiet and calm, relatively easy to train.

#2 Great Dane – min. 80 cm

Was bred in Germany as a guard dog, bodyguard, and companion. Known for her huge body and high growth. It has a friendly character and, as a rule, treats other dogs and animals well.

#3 Saint Bernard – 70–90 cm

This is a very large and strong dog, endowed with a calm, and patient character. Very loyal and obedient. They do not like small dogs.

#4 English Mastiff – min. 75 cm

English Mastiff is an ancient English breed of dog, the largest of the mastiffs. It is used mainly as a watchdog. These dogs are endowed with tremendous physical strength, calm and gentle character. They are very devoted and loyal to their master.

#5 Russian Wolfhound- 75–85 cm

The first descriptions of the breed date back to the 17th century. Russian Wolfhound has good eyesight, very rarely bark. This is a confident dog with a calm temperament.

#6 Anatolian Shepherd Dog- 74–81 cm

This is a bold, large and very strong dog with excellent eyesight and hearing, bred to protect livestock from wolves. Very well trained.

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