Top 10 Tiniest Dog Breeds in the World

Small dog breeds are a very popular type of pet. They do not require much space, and you can take them with you anywhere. These cute, cuddly, miniature dogs bring tons of fun.

#1 Chihuahua

Chihuahua is recognized as the smallest dog breed in the world. It is named after the Mexican state, where it was discovered in 1850. The growth of these crumbs is 15–23 cm. Despite their miniature size, Chihuahuas can show character.

#2 Pomeranian

Doggie with very soft hair and a height of 18–22 cm. These babies love movement and are quick-witted.

#3 Brussels Griffon

A decorative breed of dog bred in Belgium. The growth of these doggies is from 22 to 28 cm, weight - up to 4.5 kg. Brussels griffins are very playful and at the same time obedient.

#4 Yorkshire Terrier

The breed was bred in England at the end of the XIX century. The weight of York does not exceed 3.1 kg. These doggies are very friendly and loyal to their master.

#5 Affenpinscher

Dwarf varieties of pinschers. Growth - 25-30 cm, weight - 4-6 kg. The breed has been known since the 17th century. Affenpinschers surprise with endurance, independence and are considered unusually smart dogs.

#6 Papillon

This beautiful dog with ears in the shape of butterfly wings cannot be forgotten. The growth of the papillon is 20–28 cm; weight - 1.5–5 kg. They are clean and friendly.

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