TOP 13 Best Dog Breeds To Guard A Private Home

For people living in the private sector, the important question is: what breed of dogs is advisable to choose for the protection of the house and adjoining area. Your attention is a selection of the top 13 dog breeds for the protection of a private house.

#1 Jagdterrier

The difference in size and resistance attempts kindles the dog, even more, the dog attacks the two-legged enemy, jumps and causes numerous wounds.

#2 Wire-haired Dachshund

These short-legged "sausages" have long fangs and strong grip, and choleric and viciousness are complemented by a loud voice and a sharp sense of smell.

#3 Miniature Schnauzer

Schnauzer can easily be trained in most canine professions, and in particular on the protection of the territory. Despite their small size, mini-schnauzers are jumping and dexterous, so they are able to attack and bite the enemy not only by the legs but also by the side and hands.

#4 American Staffordshire Terrier

This is a formidable security guard-athlete with powerful jaws and a high pain threshold.

#5 Bull Terrier

The Bull Terrier will not patrol a large territory, however, it is quite realistic to train him to attack a stranger who dared to offend his beloved master and his family.

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