Top 15 Best Dog Breeds For Men

Today we suggest discussing the TOP 15 most “male” dog breeds. Let’s see together what breeds of dogs do men prefer?

#1 Newfoundland

He is big, devoted, he is a great swimmer. And it’s comfortable to sleep with him on lonely nights after the girl left in a taxi, shouting goodbye: “You only love your dog!”))))

#2 Akita Inu

Akita is now very popular. And it’s not at all that they are so cute. Oh look, he smiles! The truth is smiling!

#3 Great Dane

"Wow, how huge!" - you will repeat as soon as you wake up. For 8 years. This is the average life expectancy of a dog.

#4 Bulldog

Fat, clumsy, panting. Next to him, you feel fit and athletic. An ideal best friend to whom you can say "Well, you are fat" and he will not be offended.)))))

#5 Rottweiler

If a man appears in society under the paw with a Rottweiler, it is immediately clear that he can tame any element. (Society does not need to know that it is easy to make contact with the rottweiler with the help of stones).))))

#6 Golden Retriever

It is easy to confuse with a Labrador. However, you will probably quickly realize that you took the wrong dog from the open area and brought home. It’s like with children.)))

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