TOP 15: Dog Records In The Guinness Book Of Records

The Guinness Book of Records is a very popular publication that is updated and published every year. Here there are pets born with unique features, as well as animals that have achieved certain results as a result of training. Consider the most entertaining dog entries.

#1 Record No. 1 – Amazing Size

In terms of size, the championship was won by the Great Dane George. The pet is characterized by impressive growth, which is 2, 13 meters. It weighs a record of 111 kilograms.

#2 Record No. 2 – The smallest pet

Chihuahua nicknamed Millie. The growth of the pet barely exceeds 9 centimeters.

#3 Record No. 3 – Long-lived

The record-holder is a terrier named Max. His age is 29 years and 240 days.

#4 Record No. 4 – The fattest pet

The record holder in this area is a border collie named Cassie. Cassie's weight reached 58 kg, which exceeds the norm of this breed by 4 times!

#5 Record No. 5 – The Richest Dog

The German Shepherd Gunter is the richest in the world. She belonged to the countess, who after death bequeathed all her means to the dog. To date, the state of the dog is more than 300 million dollars.

#6 Record No. 6 – The highest

Great Dane named Gibson is the highest representative of the canine world. Its height is 2 meters 15 centimeters.

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