TOP 15 Fastest Dog Breeds In The World

Over many centuries of breeding, thousands of dog breeds with their own characteristics and distinctive qualities have been bred. We have compiled a list of 15 breeds of record dogs that will amaze you with their speed.

#1 Greyhound – 72 KM / H

The fastest dog in the world is a greyhound.

#2 Persian Greyhound- 68 KM / H

These dogs have historically been used to hunt gazelles, foxes, and rabbits.

#3 Afghan Hound- 64 KM / H

The Afghan Hound is easily recognizable by its long luxurious coat.

#4 Vizsla- 64 KM / H

At home, they were very much appreciated as excellent helpers in hunting, excellent defenders and simply energetic dogs.

#5 Jack Russell Terrier- 61 KM / H

Jack Russell Terriers are miniature, strong and energetic dogs.

#6 Dalmatian- 60 km / h

Historically, Dalmatians have been used as guard dogs and companions. Often they had to run after horse carriages to protect owners from robbers.

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