TOP 15 Largest Dogs In The World

#7 Newfoundland

They are known for their gigantic size, tremendous strength, and extremely affectionate character. In addition, they have high intelligence and the ability to make independent decisions.

#8 Boerboel

This is a large, hardy, powerful dog with a good reaction and plasticity.

#10 Leonberger

A large breed of dogs, bred in 1846 in the German city of Leonberg by crossing Saint Bernards, Newfoundlands and Pyrenean Shepherds.

#11 Central Asia Shepherd Dog

Although these dogs seem clumsy, slow and very calm, they have an explosive character, excellent stability, and a strong muscular body.

#12 Neapolitan Mastiff

In addition to good protective qualities, representatives of this breed are known for their playful and very friendly character in the home atmosphere.

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