TOP 15 Most Exotic Dog Breeds In The World

There are so many unique dog breeds in the world that you will never meet in a local park. Today we introduce you to fifteen exotic varieties of pets.

#1 Lagotto Romagnolo

A dog looking for truffles. In the United States currently registered only 500 of these dogs.

#2 Coton de Tulear

The dogs were named Coton because of their cottony white fluffy hair, and Tulear is the name of the area where this breed originated.

#3 Puli

This rare breed is known for its unique hair, which resembles dreadlocks made from cord-like hair.

#4 Bearded Collie

The dogs are called “bear jumpers” because of their energetic, fun and carefree nature.

#5 Sapsali

Millennia ago, Koreans believed that Sapsali were able to cast out evil spirits, therefore they kept it only as a family talisman.

#6 Berger Picard

They have developed intelligence, subtle hearing and scent, as well as a piercing high voice.

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