Top 30 German Shepherd Dog Names With Meanings

We would like to introduce our best collection of the 30 best dog name ideas for German Shepherds. Here you can find the name ideas for any taste. Good luck!

Male Dog Names:

  • Fremont (‘noble protector’)
  • Dolphus (‘noble wolf’)
  • Gregor (‘vigilant watchman’)
  • Adalard (‘brave’)
  • Bert (short for Albert Einstein)
  • Hubbard (‘bright mind’)
  • Alaric (‘noble leader’)
  • Stallone (Sylvester)
  • Julius (Caesar)
  • Caesar

  • Kort (‘bold’)
  • Achilles (of Troy)
  • Teddy (Roosevelt)
  • Alladin (Disney)
  • Rambo
  • Thor (Norse god)
  • Kaiser (‘long haired’)
  • Agustine (‘majestic’)
  • Fonsie (‘noble and eager’)
  • Huck (Finn)

Female Dog Names:

  • Bathilda (‘heroine’)
  • Erma (‘warrior)
  • Joli (‘pretty’)
  • Felisberta (‘intelligent’)
  • Holle (‘beloved’)
  • Mady (‘maiden’)
  • Ethel (‘noble’)
  • Ada (‘noble and serene’)
  • Minne (‘resolute protector’)
  • Ida (‘hard working’)

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