Top 40+ Tough Dog Names Inspired by Cars

Are you looking for car-inspired dog names for your muscular, scary, fierce, strong, guard dog? Here is the great ultimate list to help you!

  •     Apollo (Buick Apollo GSX)
  •     Mercedes (Mercedes-Benz)
  •     Aston (Aston Martin)
  •     Mustang (Ford Mustang)
  •     Veyron (Bugatti Veyron)
  •     Riviera (Buick Riviera)
  •     Morgan (Morgan)
  •     Polara (Dodge Polara)
  •     Sprint (GMC Sprint)
  •     Zeta (Zeta)
  •     Rambler (AMC SC Rambler)
  •     Impala (Chevrolet Impala)
  •     Bentley (Bentley)
  •     Cyclone (Mercury Cyclone)
  •     Dart (Dodge Dart GT)
  •     Shelby (Shelby Mustang)
  •     Dakota (Dodge Dakota)
  •     Judge (Pontiac GTO Judge)
  •     Tesla (Electric vehicle)
  •     Cayenne (Porsche Cayenne)
  •     Caprice (Chevrolet Caprice)
  •     Grabber (Ford Maverick Grabber)
  •     Torino (Ford Torino)
  •     Diesel (Fuel type)
  •     Lexus (Lexus)
  •     Hemi (Engine type)
  •     Malibu (Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu)
  •     Azera (Hyundai Azera)
  •     Elise (Lotus Elise)
  •     Barracuda (Plymouth Barracuda)
  •     Beretta (Chevrolet Beretta)
  •     Omega (Oldsmobile Omega S)
  •     Charger (Dodge Charger)
  •     Demon (Dodge Dart Demon)
  •     Dodge (Dodge)
  •     Camaro (Chevrolet Camaro)
  •     Stella (Solar-powered car)
  •     Falcon (Ford Falcon)
  •     Cougar (Mercury Cougar)
  •     Challenger (Dodge Challenger)
  •     Marauder (Mercury Marauder)
  •     Marlin (AMC Rambler Marlin)
  •     Duster (Plymouth Duster)
  •     Comet (Mercury Comet GT)
  •     Catalina (Pontiac Catalina)
  •     Chevy (Chevrolet)
  •     Galaxie (Ford Galaxie)
  •     Fury (Plymouth Fury)
  •     Martin (Aston Martin)

If you’re looking for a name that is less than ‘tough’, view our list of the 130 top cool car dog names that will surely give you more ideas to name your new puppy. Not satisfied with cars? No worries, we even have a list of the best truck dog names. Yes, we said ‘truck!’

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