Top 5 Dog Breeds That Get Along Well With Cats

Individual dogs and cats have different temperaments regardless of breed. Did you research that? To start your investigation, here are five breeds that are likely to make suitable companions for your cat.

#1 Golden Retriever

This breed is particularly balanced and beautiful. Such a pet is perfect for a family with children. Good neighborly relations with cats are also not alien to retrievers.

#2 Maltese

Beauty is perhaps not the only positive feature of this breed. It should be noted easy learning, good nature, friendliness, intelligence.

#3 Pug

Ease of adaptation and friendly nature will help this little pet gain the trust of an independent and strict cat.

#4 Newfoundland

Despite its enormous size, this pet is famous for exorbitant tenderness and friendliness.

#5 Labrador Retriever

What can be said about this breed? Not only does the dog not require complicated care, but the establishment of friendly and good neighborly relations with cats is a priority for the animals presented.

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