TOP 5 Dog Breeds That Have Recently Been Bred

Dog handlers bred new breeds of dogs to make the tandem of the dog and man even more comfortable. New breeds are amazing. Almost no one knows about them yet.

There are ancient breeds of dogs, and there are those that were bred by dog handlers only in recent years. They have not yet gained great popularity, and their fame is just beginning to spread. However, those who saw these dogs are already delighted with their appearance and character. We will tell you which breeds of dogs have appeared only recently.

#1 American Akita

This dog is very well-mannered, easy to train, but not without pride and knows his own worth, will not allow scoffing at himself. A wonderful companion, very attached to his family, but he does not favor strangers, and will defend his house very boldly. By nature, the representatives of this breed of dogs are calm and peaceful, like to walk. They are unpretentious to food. Live from 10 to 15 years.

#2 Kooikerhondje

By nature, this dog is very vulnerable and touchy. Friendly possesses high intelligence, easy to learn. It perfectly copes with the role of a security guard.

#3 Pomsky

This breed of dogs appeared from a mixture of Husky and Pomeranian. It has a very pretty appearance. This dog is very fond of children, friendly, kind, active and playful.

#4 Maltipoo

Representatives of this breed of dogs are real cuties. They are small in size - at the withers, they reach a maximum of 20-30 centimeters and weigh no more than 5 kilograms. Friends with children, kind, affectionate, playful. Always follow their master.

#5 White Swiss Shepherd Dog

This is a versatile dog with a very bright appearance. She is also called a white ghost. Extremely smart, insightful, easy to learn, fulfilling commands, faithful in character. Representatives of this breed can be both guards and nannies for children or guide dogs.

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