TOP 5 Most Impressive Cat Records In The Guinness Book Of Records

The Guinness Book of Records has so many records for any taste!  We collected here the 5 most impressive cat records that you probably have never heard about.

#1 Most prolific cat.

Dusty is the tabby cat (1935-1952) from the USA who gave birth to 420 kittens. Can you even imagine it???

#2 Largest litter – domestic cat.

The Burmese/Siamese cat from the UK gave birth to 19 kittens on 7 August 1970.

Unfortunately, four of them were stillborn. But this record is really impressive considering that the average for this cat type is 4-6 kittens per litter.

#3 Longest jump by a cat.

Waffle the Warrior Cat from the USA is famous for the longest jump ( 213.36 cm /7 ft).

#4 Most followers on Instagram for a cat.

"nala_cat" is the most following cat account on Instagram. The record of 4,323,973 followers was fixed on 16 January 2020.

Nala was adopted from the shelter and is considered as the Siamese/tabby mix.

#5 The World`s most travelled cat.

Hamlet managed to get stuck in a Canadian airplane for seven weeks. When he was found by the owner, he flew approx. 600 000 km.

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