Top 50 German Dog Names for Girl Puppies with Meanings

If you love German beer, cars or culture, we’ve got great German dog names for you!

  •     Trudy (spear of strength)
  •     Trudi (strong spear warrior)
  •     Hilda (battle woman)
  •     Olinda (protector of property)
  •     Sigrid (beautiful victory)
  •     Klara (bright)
  •     Vera (faith, truth)
  •     Zenzi (to spring up, grow)
  •     Emily (industrious)
  •     Ida (industrious one)
  •     Zelda (gray fighting maid)
  •     Agatha (good)
  •     Gretchen (pearl)
  •     Katrin (great beauty)
  •     Greta (pearl)
  •     Amara (eternal, immortal)
  •     Nia (bright)
  •     Sonje (wisdom)
  •     Petra (solid as rock)
  •     Marlene (from the high tower)
  •     Winifred (peaceful friend)
  •     Elvira (closed up)
  •     Schatzie (little sweetheart)
  •     Millie (gentle strength)
  •     Ava (life)

  •     Senta (assistant)
  •     Selma (devine protector)
  •     Heidi (noble and serene)
  •     Lotti (little woman)
  •     Dagmar (famous, glorious)
  •     Aubrey (noble)
  •     Ula (pearl)
  •     Wanda (wanderer)
  •     Carol (farmer)
  •     Leona (lioness)
  •     Beatrix (she who brings happiness)
  •     Bernadette (brave as a bear)
  •     Wilma (bold protector)
  •     Winola (charming friend)
  •     Tilli (battle maiden)
  •     Alberta (noble and bright)
  •     Gertrude (beloved warrior)
  •     Helga (pious)
  •     Anka (purse)
  •     Marta (lady)
  •     Sascha (defender of mankind)
  •     Romey (obstinate, rebellious)
  •     Liesel (pledged to God)
  •     Christa (form of Christina)
  •     Kaja (alive)

Picking a good dog name can be hard, but if you are interested in German cultures or names, you can name your dog with German dog names that you can check on our list.

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