Top 50 Great Egyptian Dog Names with Meanings

Egyptian Dog Names

Egypt is known for their old civilization and histories, and most people think about pharaohs or Cleopatra once they hear about Egypt. But, Modern Egyptian close to Arabic, so you will find many unique names inspired by Egypt. And in this article, we’ve covered all Egyptian dog name ideas, and hopefully it suit your taste. 

Male Egyptian Dog Names

  • Thutmose: Pharaoh of the 18th dynasty
  • Osiris: God of resurrection
  • Merikara: Pharaoh of the 9th and 10th dynasties
  • Anubis: (jackal-like dog/God)
  • Seth/Set: God of the storm and violence
  • Karnak: Temple on the Nile
  • Toth: God of wisdom, music, writing, and magic
  • Unas: Pharaoh of the 5th dynasty
  • Amun: One of the most powerful gods of Egypt
  • Dakarai: Happiness
  • Ra: The Sun
  • Sobek: A God with the body of a human and the head of a crocodile
  • Skylar: Sky
  • Bast: God of fire and heat
  • Ebony: A person who is beautiful inside and out
  • Hu: A God of nature
  • Montu: A God that looks like a falcon
  • Nile: The iconic river that flows through Egypt
  • Memphis: City that served as a capital for Egypt
  • Luxor: Temple on the Nile
  • Akil: Wise, smart, bright
  • Kosey: Lion
  • Narmer: Pharaoh of the 1st dynasty
  • Horus: God of light
  • Lapis: Like lapis lazuli, a precious stone
  • Tut: King Tut

Female Egyptian Dog Names

  • Sekhmet: Goddess of anger and war
  • Maat: Goddess of cosmic harmony
  • Bisu: God of goodness
  • Mut: Mother goddess, creator of everything
  • Nefret: Beautiful and stunning
  • Kamilah: Perfection
  • Pepi: Pharaoh of the 6th dynasty
  • Masika: A girl of rain
  • Bastet: The goddess of cats and fertility
  • Menna: scribe in the 18th dynasty
  • Anukis: Goddess of water and protector of the Nile
  • Tia: Princess during the 18th dynasty
  • Hathor: Goddess of love, music, dance, and joy
  • Feme: Love
  • Sabra: Patient
  • Gamile: Beautiful
  • Midge: A darling girl
  • Ata: Twin
  • Nanu: Cute girl
  • Anippe: Daughter of The Nile
  • Neit: Goddess of war and hunting
  • Cleopatra: Famous female ruler in Egypt
  • Nubia: Golden Treasure

Some people might find Egyptian names are hard on their tongue. But no need to worry, we still have many unique names from many languages all over the world on our complete international dog names

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