Top 60 Spiritual Dog Names With Meanings

These 60 spiritual dog names are perfect for all faiths.

  •     Friar (Monk)
  •     Grace (Gracious, lovely)
  •     Teddy (Gift of God)
  •     Bless (holiness)
  •     Yoko (Japanese for “child”)
  •     Chaos (First of the primordial deities)
  •     Christian (Follower of Christ)
  •     Tibet (“Roof of the world”)
  •     Pax (Latin for “peaceful”)
  •     Clement (Merciful)
  •     Mojo (Magical charm or spell)
  •     Spirit (Soul)
  •     Mecca (The holiest city for Muslims)
  •     Miracle (something wonderful)
  •     Yana (God is gracious)
  •     Shaina (Beautiful)
  •     Horus (God of the sky, Egyptian)
  •     Nimbus (Halo surrounding a supernatural being)
  •     Pilgrim (One who journeys to a sacred place for religious reasons)
  •     Vida (Life)
  •     Confucius (Chinese philosopher)
  •     Juno (Queen of the ancient Greek gods)
  •     Amara (Sanskrit for “eternal”)
  •     Dharma (Sanskrit for “law”)
  •     Donatella (Given by God)
  •     Asher (Hebrew for “blessed, fortunate”)
  •     Tiki (Ancient symbol bringing good luck)
  •     Charism (Spiritual gift)
  •     Moksha (Liberation; salvation)
  •     Chandra (Sanskrit for “moon”)
  •     Chakra (Human energy center)
  •     Hope (Faith in divine assistance)
  •     Rector (Head of a parish)
  •     Akasha (Sanskrit for “sky”)
  •     Nirvana (Place of great bliss)
  •     Tobiah (Hebrew for “God is good”)
  •     Mantra (Holy chants)
  •     Shiva (Kind, auspicious)
  •     Kaleb (Hebrew for “a dog; faithful”)
  •     Karma (Fate or destiny, Hindi and Sanskrit)
  •     Gita (Sanskrit for “song”)
  •     Virtue (Moral excellence)
  •     Sprite (Elf or fairy)
  •     Bodhi (Sanskrit for “awakening”)
  •     Trinity (Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit)
  •     Santo (Holy)
  •     Aikido (Japanese for “harmony; spirit or energy”)
  •     Harmony (Concord, unity)
  •     Rene (Born again or reborn in French)
  •     Druid (Religious leader in ancient Celtic religion)
  •     Deacon (Servant)
  •     Zion (Hebrew for “highest point”)
  •     Sinai (Reference to Mount Sinai)
  •     Angel (Messenger of God)
  •     Buddha (Enlightened)
  •     Miko (Female shaman or priestess)
  •     Shakila (beautiful, well-shaped)
  •     Brahma (The creator of the whole universe, Hindu)
  •     Eternity (Time everlasting)
  •     Serenity (Peaceful)

These names with meanings are not the only options you can choose from. If you are really the mystical or religious type, then we also have here the top 49 mystical dog names, as well as an additional 68 religion-inspired dog names. So lookout for the perfect name for your puppy.

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