Top 7 Most Cuddly and Affectionate Exotic Pets

Do you still remember the smash comedy of 2009, The Hangover? How can we forget that hilarious vignette when the protagonists of this movie make off with the pet Tiger of Mike Tyson? It’s ironic because only a few people in this world keep a tiger as their pet. Yes! Today we are going to discover some unusual pets. But unlike tiger, these pets share an excellent bond with the owners. The best part is they love cuddling and enjoy interacting with their owners.

Why Are These Pets Desirable?

Humans are warmly attached to their loved ones. Just like humans, these pets share an enduring bond with their owners. They love to relax and snuggle in your lap. Their heart-melting affection will remind you of human babies. We all are aware of dogs and cats and their attachment with their owners. We also know about small pets like rats, rabbits, ferrets or guinea pigs, and their heart-warming affection with humans. But have you heard about exotic pets? Before knowing them more deeply, let’s check out some of the common misconceptions.

The Most Common Misinterpretations

Sometimes people misjudge these exotic pets as wild animals as they seldom miss interpret their signals. For example, we consider cats as domestic pets. But do you know that cats have many similarities with wild animals even more than domestic animals? Still, this pet shares an excellent bond with humans. So it’s all about understanding your pet from the heart.

Now let’s take a look at seven most cuddly exotic pets that have taken over the pet kingdom with their cuteness and love.

1. Muntjac Deer

The Muntjac Deer grabs the first position in our list because of its look and affinity. This one is a small pet with overloaded cuteness. Its size is just like a medium-sized dog. But you may have to face some challenges to keep this beauty in your home.

Do you remember the ice skating scene from Bambi? They can walk like this if you don’t cover your floor with a carpet. That’s because sometimes they are flighty and destructive as well. Sometimes they love to chew everything. Apart from these issues, the Muntjac Deers are perfect. Instead of cuddling, they love to give kisses to their beautiful owners. So it’s time to welcome a new friend to your sweet home.

2. Kinkajou

Do you like monkeys? Then you will surely love Kinkajous too. They are from the raccoons family. People also know them as honey bears. That’s because they love to have honey and nectar. If you raise them from their young age, they will become your family members soon. Here we find a difference with other exotic pets. They are affectionate with strangers too. But before buying this new family member, you need to keep these below points in your mind.

  • Imagine a cage for a kennel dog. You need as big as this cage to keep a Kinkajous. Keep in mind that they are nocturnal animals. So if their needs are not fulfilled, you may have to face their spontaneous aggression.
  • Their waking hour is around 7:00 p.m. This is the best time to interact with this affectionate pet.
  • You may have to two face their behavioral changes because of their hormone. Sometimes it is reported that day attack the owners. So you need to train them in such a way that they listen to your verbal command. Otherwise, you can stop their play session on the spot.
  • They are very friendly, especially when they are in captivity. Kinkajous rely on their owners for mental health. So you have to take care of them properly.

3. Wallaby

If you are a mother for a father, you already know how to take care of a newborn baby. The Wallaby needs your attention just like a newborn infant. The owners find their similarities with kangaroos. These pets are too cute, and you can bottle feed them just like a baby. Isn’t it cute? If you have a spacious outdoor, you can buy this pet and keep it there. Enjoy the beautiful bond with them. The best part is you can even carry a baby Wallaby in a cute makeshift pouch.

4. Skunk

People usually scare this exotic pet as this one is different from other mammals. Its smelly reputation makes them scarier. But you will be amazed to know that you can take care of this animal easily. If you raise this pet from youth, it will become your friend soon. When they are in captivity, they behave decently.

Different color morphs are available. If you raise them with affection, they will search you in their playtime. But before buying this new family member, you need to keep these points in mind.

  • First of all, Skunks are rabies vectors. So in most of the states, they are illegal. Usually, if you keep them inside your house, they will never get contracted with rabies. But if somehow they scratch or bite someone, you have to report this incident immediately for testing.
  • Owners of Skunks frequently neuter or spay their pets to get rid of undesired urine markings.
  • Don’t forget to make your room “Shunk-proofed” as your pet can be energetic and mischievous as well.

5. Flying Squirrel

Have you ever thought that squirrels can fly? Yes! You heard it right! These pocket pets are so cute that you can carry them in a small pouch whenever you need them. The flying squirrels are just like a baby. They love to scamper around your clothing. You will feel the bond when they snuggle with you. But never leave them alone. If you don’t have enough time to take care of these little babies, you can purchase at least two, or you can simply choose another exotic pet. But if you purchase it once, you will inevitably fall in love with these tiny rodents.

6. Coatimundi

After welcoming a small baby in this exotic pet list we are here to explore a 10-pound carnivorous animal, Coatimundi. If you want to show your affection to this large size pet, you have to wait and pay constant attention. In short, you have to raise it right, and it will become cuddly. Male Coatis usually roam around alone while females love their groups, which are known as bands. In captivity, both males and females are playful and love human company. But keep in mind that they also need a big space to live and play. Otherwise, they will become frustrated, just like other animals.

7. Toucan

If you are a bird lover, your exotic pet search ends here. This bird is quite affectionate. But people identify the Toucan with their intelligence. They are highly social parrots. The smaller aracaris are cute and cuddly. If you want to raise this bird with ease, you can go for green aracaris. They usually seek out comfort from their owners. A soft Ferrer tent is enough for them to sleep.

So these are the best seven exotic, unusual, and cuddly pets. You can try the best one according to your preferences. Enjoy their company and gain a new experience in life.

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