TOP 7: Officially Amazing Horse Records In The Guinness Book Of Records

Everyone knows about The Guinness Book of Records! What does makes it so popular? Well, here you can find a record for any taste. But we would like to tell you about the 7 most interesting horse records here. Have fun!

#1 Shortest living male horse.

His name is Bombel and he measures 56.7 cm (22.36 in) to the withers!!! This cute small horse lives in Poland and owned by Katarzyna Zielińska.

#2 Shortest female horse ever.

Her name is Thumberlina and she measured44.5 cm tall! 

This cutie was living in St Louis, Missouri, USA and died in 2018.

#3 Tallest horse living.

His name is Big Jake and he measured 210.19 cm tall! This is Belgian Gelding horse living in the USA.

#4 Oldest horse ever.

The oldest horse ever was a stallion Old Billy. He died when he was 62 years old!!! He lived in UK in XVIII-XIX centuries and died in 1822.

#5 Oldest horse twins.

Taff and Griff are cute male twins of Cremello breed born in 1982 in the UK.

For many years they were living in London Zoo where they were used are riding horses for children. Then they came to the Veteran Horse Society.

#6 Longest tail on a horse.

The long tail is a distinguishing feature of many horses. But can you even imagine that it can be SOOO long? The British horse JJS Summer Breeze has a tail measured 381 cm!!!!!!!

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