Top 9 New Cat Breeds That Become Popular

Generally, today there are about 600 million cats in the world  – wild and domestic, black and white, hairless or furry. Some breeds appeared thousands of years ago, but some of them are the newest.

Today we would like to introduce here Top 10 newest cat breeds that become popular.

#1 Lykoi (bred in 2010-2011)

The Lykoi cat is a unique breed having a hairless area around the eyes and nose - the result of natural genetic mutations. Cats in the breed have no shortage.

They are very friendly and loyal.

#2 LaPerm (bred in 2002)

LaPerm is a rex breed bred in the USA in 2002. They have curly fur that makes them very unique. The coat color can be different, there are many colors and patterns of the breed.

This breed is one of the most loyal and affectionate. They don`t require a lot of care and a special diet. It`s very important that LaPerm is considered a hypoallergenic cat with no hereditary diseases.

#3 Ukrainian Levkoy (bred in 2000)

Ukrainian Levkoy was bred by crossing hairless Donskoy cat with Scottish Fold. As a result Ukrainian Levkoy has inward-folding ears (look like flowers), no hair like Sphynx cat and velvety skin.

They are very friendly, patient and intelligent that makes them easy to train.

#4 Minskin (bred in 1998)

Minskin cat was breed by crossing the Munchkin with the Sphynx.

Minskin is one of the rarest cat breeds, which is also called the "hobbit cat". This dwarf cat has short legs, delicate coat, rexoid fur, and velvety skin. Minskin cat is very sociable and friendly. Some breed lovers claim that these cats like to travel.

#5 Napoleon cat/ Minuet cat (bred in 1995)

Napoleon cats were bred by crossing Munchkin, Persian and Exotic Shorthair cats. Napoleon cat has a very interesting appearance: round face and eyes, dense coat, substantial boning, and short legs. They can have both longhair and shorthair coat varieties.

Napoleon cats got the temperament from Munchkin and Persians too. They are cheerful and playful guys.

#6 Peterbald (bred in 1994)

Peterbald is a Russian cat breed appeared as a result of crossing by Donsky and an Oriental Shorthair. They can be born with hair coat but then they lose hair as they have a hair-losing gene. They can have a coat of all colors and markings.

The temperament is sweet, cats are energetic, curious and active.

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