Top 9 New Cat Breeds That Become Popular

#7 Ojos Azules (bred in 1980-1984)

Ojos Azules (from Spanish means "blue eyes") is a very rare cat breed having deep blue eyes as the main remarkable feature. The coat of Ojos Azules is short, fine, soft, silky and shiny.

Breed lovers claim that Ojos Azules is active, friendly, and affectionate cats.

#8 Toyger (bred in 1980`s)

Toyget (means toy tiger) was bred by crossing Tabby shorthair cats. They have short hair coat with virtually black to brown markings.

In general, their temperament is very similar to Tabby shorthair.

#9 Karaket (bred in 2014)

According to legend, the first Karakets representatives were born in the Moscow Zoo after the ordinary cat visited the caracal cage. In 2014 Karaket cats were bred officially. At the moment the breed has not been fully formed because only females can give offspring, but males are barren.

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