70 Powerful Werewolf Names For Males and Females

The werewolf is one of the most popular mythical creatures in folklore and is wildly used in fictional vampire movies. You may have heard of them and seen what they look like in movies, but of course, they are just a figment of a writer’s imagination. A werewolf usually shapeshifts and also has supernatural powers and strength. Believe it or not, there are many werewolf names in books that are also used as wolf names and we thought of creating this list to show the real meaning behind these names.

Check out these 70 powerful werewolf names that you should consider for your tough pet.

  • Bigby – from the comic series ”Fables”
  • Vivian – from Annette Curtis Klause’s “Blood & Chocolate”
  • Ginger – after “Ginger Fitzgerald” from “Ginger Snaps”
  • Grubbs Grady – a protagonist in Darren Shan’s ”The Demonata”
  • Belua – meaning “beast”
  • Aardwolf – Night Thrasher vol 2 (Marvel Comics)
  • Jacques – after ”Jacques Roulet”, the “Werewolf of Angers”
  • Greymark – after “Lucian Greymark” from “The Mortal Instruments”
  • Evo – Gen 13 (DC Comics)
  • Claude – sounds a lot like “clawed”!
  • Fangface – from the animation of the same name
  • McNair – from “Being Human”
  • Marcus – after ”Marcus Bozeman” from ”True Blood”
  • Meness – meaning “moon” in Latvian
  • Succubus – the most powerful female demon
  • Christa – from “Becoming Human”
  • Chono – meaning “wolf” in Mongolian
  • Remus – first name of ”Lupin” from the ”Harry Potter” franchise
  • Waldemar – after ”Waldemar Daninsky” from ”Las Noches del Hombre Lobo”
  • Bestia – meaning “brute” and “beast”
  • Kasdeya – known as the fifth satan
  • Corvin – after “Michael Corvin” from the ”Underworld” films
  • Draugluin – From J.R.R. Tolkien’s Legendarium
  • Elena – from the “Women of the Other World” book series
  • Hayley – after “Hayley Marshalls” from “The Originals”
  • Nimue – an Arthurian sorceress; making a perfect werewolf name
  • Ruby – Once Upon a Time (TV Show)
  • Hecate – Goddess of magic and the underworld
  • Oz – Daniel “Oz” Osbourne, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Blaidd – meaning ”werewolf” in Welsh
  • Leah – after “Leah Clearwater” from “Twilight”
  • Klaus – after ”Klaus Mikkelsen” from ”The Vampire Diaries”
  • Moonstone – an ethereal stone that channels the moon
  • Jacob – werewolf from the “Twilight” franchise
  • Lilith – from Hebrew meaning “of the night”
  • Lamento – meaning “howl” in Portuguese
  • Qarina – a demon from Arabian mythology
  • Dusk – when werewolves appear
  • Quist – after “Eddie Quist” from “The Howling”
  • Gorgon – the personification of female mystery
  • Jurjack – “wolf” in Croatian
  • Silvi – from the monster doll series “Monster High”
  • Angua – after “Delphine Angua von Uberwald” from Terry Pratchett’s “Discworld”
  • Fenrir – a werewolf and Death Eater from the ”Harry Potter” franchise
  • Luna – meaning “moon” in Italian
  • Embry – one of Jacob’s pack in ”Twilight”
  • Lupin – werewolf from the ”Harry Potter” franchise
  • Noir – French meaning “dark” and “black”
  • Kuu – meaning “moon” in Finnish
  • Ranulf – from the Old Norse “Reginúlfr” meaning “advice” and “wolf”
  • Cellica – meaning “Celeste”
  • Mannaro – meaning “werewolf” in Italian
  • Black Onyx – a dark gemstone
  • Pandora – Greek name (the first person to unleash evil on the world)
  • Wolfie – from “Casper’s Scare School”
  • Selene – Greek Goddess of the moon
  • Howler – after the sound a werewolf makes at full moon
  • Captain – Hellsing vol 3 (Dark Horse Comics)
  • Picolici – meaning “werewolf” in Romanian
  • Uncle Ted – from ”Bad Moon”
  • Batibat – a demon from Ilocano folklore
  • Stirba – the werewolf’s mother in “The Howling II”
  • Jeremy – from the Canadian TV series ”Bitten”
  • Lamia – meaning “fiend” in Arabic
  • Vagor – meaning “howl” in Latin
  • Lucian – from the “Saga Underworld”
  • Lawrence – also known as ”The Wolf Man”
  • Céleste – from French meaning “ethereal”
  • Prosperine – the Princess from Hell

You can’t find these werewolf names anywhere else, but if you’re looking for some of the other best wolf names, then you can also create a wolf name based on your own preferences with our wolf name generator.

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