Why Do Cats Burrow Under Blankets: A Purr-fect Mystery Solved

Have you ever seen your cat snuggled up under the covers of your bed or even your own blankets? It’s an adorable sight, but why do cats burrow under blankets?

In this article, we’ll explore the reasons why cats do this and how you can make sure your feline friend is comfortable in her new favorite spot.

Why do cats burrow under blankets?

Cats are quite complex and interesting creatures. They can be independent yet also crave companionship, they like to hide in small spaces yet love to lounge and soak up the sun.

They may seem aloof at times but then suddenly cuddle up next to you.

All these traits combined explain why cats love to burrow their way under our blankets. Here are 10 reasons why cats burrow under blankets – and a few solutions if it’s causing too much trouble!

1. Comfort and Protection:

Blankets provide a soft, cozy environment for cats to hide in and feel safe.

Cats may have been born with an instinctive drive to find warmth and secure places, so they often choose blankets when they need comfort and protection from potential danger.

Solution: Try giving your cat a place of its own that’s completely off-limits to other pets or people.

Place your cat’s bed in a quiet corner of the house and fill it with plenty of cushions and blankets for extra comfort and safety.

2. Temperature Regulation:

Cats love curling up under blankets because it helps regulate their body temperature – especially during cold weather or seasons when temperatures tend to drop lower.

Solution: Provide your cat with a warm and cozy spot for them to sleep in during the night or when temperatures start to drop.

Place several blankets around the area so that your cat can curl up and get comfortable, no matter what temperature it may be outside.

3. Sense of Security:

Blankets provide cats with a sense of security and it is often associated with their mother’s fur when they were young, so this could explain why cats feel safe underneath them.

Solution: Make sure there are plenty of hiding spots throughout the house for your cat to escape to if they need some time alone.

Keep these places free from any disturbances as much as possible and make sure they have access to food, water, and a litter box.

4. Hiding Spot:

When cats burrow under blankets, they are often trying to hide from something or someone they don’t like. This could be another pet, people, noises, or anything that makes them nervous or scared.

Solution: Encourage your cat to explore their environment by providing plenty of toys for them to play with and places for them to hide in if needed.

By introducing new experiences gradually at their own pace, you can help reduce some of the fear and anxiety that may cause your cat to seek refuge underneath blankets.

5. Scent Marking:

Cats tend to rub up against things and leave behind bits of scent from their fur as a way of claiming the area as their own.

This is why cats may try to rub up against blankets, as a way of scent marking it and claiming it as their own.

Solution: Offer your cat a variety of different scented items such as catnip toys or treats that they can rub against without ruining your furniture or bedding.

6. Hunting Instincts:

Cats are hunters by nature and when they burrow under blankets, they may be using this instinct to stalk potential prey like an insect or small animal hiding underneath.

Solution: Keep an eye out for any insects or small animals that may be lurking around the house and make sure to remove them quickly if spotted.

If possible, block off any areas where these creatures could be hiding from your cat so they can’t get to them.

7. Attention-Seeking:

Cats may also burrow under blankets in order to draw attention to themselves and receive the affection they crave.

If they know that you will come over and cuddle with them when they hide underneath a blanket, then it is likely that this behavior is just a way of asking for some extra love and attention.

Solution: Spend plenty of quality time bonding with your cat by engaging in playtime activities or simply sitting down next to them while petting them gently.

By providing your cat with the necessary care and attention, it should help reduce their need for seeking attention under blankets.

8. Comfort Food:

Burrowing underneath blankets can also be a sign that your cat is looking for comfort food or wants something to eat.

Solution: Make sure you are providing your cat with a balanced diet and plenty of fresh water and treats throughout the day. If possible, meet your cat’s needs by offering them small meals throughout the day so they don’t become overly hungry or anxious when it comes time for mealtime.

9. Play Time:

Cats may also burrow under blankets in preparation for a game of hide-and-seek or as part of an elaborate play routine.

Solution: Encourage your cat to engage in interactive playtime activities such as fetching toys, chasing strings, or wrestling with a furry friend.

This should help satisfy your cat’s need for play and keep them from hiding underneath blankets out of boredom.

10. Maternal Instinct:

Cats may also burrow under blankets if they feel the need to care for something, such as an adopted kitten or a toy.

This could be due to the maternal instinct that cats have naturally and it is often seen in female cats who are mothers or those who have just been adopted into a new home.

Solution: If you find your cat trying to “mother” something, provide them with plenty of toys and items that they can nurture without damaging furniture or bedding.

You can also give your cat plenty of positive reinforcement when they show motherly behavior towards their toys or items, as this will help them understand that they can care for things without needing to hide underneath blankets.

Is it ok for cats to burrow under blankets?

When it comes to cats and blankets there are both pros and cons.

The pros of letting your cat burrow under a blanket are easy to see. They can snuggle up close to you for added warmth, comfort, and love all at once!

Blankets also provide a feeling of security for cats who need it, allowing them to retreat from stressful situations or just take a nap without any worries.

However, there are certain cons associated with letting your cat burrow under blankets too. Firstly, there is always the risk of suffocation if your cat slips too far underneath and gets stuck.

Also, blankets can get extremely hot after a while, leading to potential burns and discomfort for your feline friend.

Overall, it is important to remember that cats should never be left unattended when they are burrowing under blankets.

If you do decide to let them snuggle up in this way, make sure there is enough space for them to move around freely without becoming trapped or overheated.

With this in mind, cats can certainly enjoy the occasional burrow-under-the-blanket session with their owners!


Overall, burrowing under blankets is a common cat behavior and it is usually not something to be worried about unless it becomes excessive or destructive.

By understanding your cat’s needs and providing them with the necessary care and attention, you can help keep this behavior from becoming a problem.

Now go give your feline friend some extra cuddles! They deserve it after all!

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