Why Does My Dog Stand Over Me: Uncanny Behavior Explained

Why does my dog stand over me

Dogs are known for being loyal companions. But did you know that they also have a habit of standing on their owners?

It’s true! Many dogs enjoy spending time perched atop their humans. And while this behavior might seem strange to us, it’s actually perfectly normal for dogs.

Sometimes dogs even lay on their owners, this is a sign of affection.

So why do they do it? Well, there are a few possible explanations

Why does my dog stand over me and lean on me?

Why does my dog stand over me

There are actually a few reasons why your dog might stand over you and lean on you. Here are seven potential explanations:

1. They just want to be close to you.

Dogs are social creatures and they love being close to their favorite people. If your dog leans on you, it could simply be a sign of affection.

2. They want your attention.

Dogs are smart enough to know that we pay more attention to things that are right in front of our faces. So, if your dog wants your undivided attention, they might try leaning on you as a way of getting it.

3. They’re trying to get comfortable.

If your dog has been lying down and then gets up and leans on you, they might just be trying to get into a more comfortable position.

4. They’re feeling anxious or stressed.

Dogs can lean on their owners as a way of seeking comfort when they’re feeling anxious or stressed. This is especially common if your dog is leaning on you while also making eye contact.

5. They’re cold.

Why does my dog stand over me

Dogs will sometimes lean on their owners when they’re cold as a way of seeking warmth. If your dog seems unusually cuddly and is leaning on you more than usual, it could be a sign that they’re chilly.

6. They’re in pain.

Dogs can lean on their owners as a way of seeking comfort when they’re in pain. If your dog is leaning on you and seems to be in discomfort, it’s important to take them to the vet to rule out any medical issues.

7. They think you’re a chair.

This one is more common with bigger dogs, but sometimes dogs will just stand over their owners and lean on them because they think we’re giant comfy chairs. If your dog likes to lean on you while you’re sitting down, it could be because they think it’s the most comfortable way to rest their head.

What to do if your dog stands over you

Why does my dog stand over me

If your dog is standing over you, it’s important to stay calm. Dogs can sense when their humans are feeling anxious or threatened, and this can escalate the situation. Here are five tips for what to do if your dog is standing over you:

1. Avoid eye contact. Looking directly into your dog’s eyes can be interpreted as a challenge, so it’s best to avoid eye contact altogether. Instead, focus on a spot on the floor or wall behind your dog.

2. Don’t move suddenly. Dogs are quick to react, so any sudden movements could startle them and cause them to lash out. Instead, try to move slowly and calmly.

3. Try not to scream or yell. Again, dogs can sense when their humans are feeling scared or threatened, and this will only make the situation worse. If you need to say something, speak in a soft, calm voice.

4. Don’t push your dog away. This is a natural instinct, but it’s important not to do this. Pushing your dog away will only make them feel more threatened and could cause them to attack.

5. Stand up slowly. Once you’ve calmed yourself down, slowly stand up from your sitting or lying position. Avoid making any sudden movements, and keep your hands at your sides. If your dog does not move away from you, calmly walk away from them.

Final Thoughts

Why does my dog stand over me

There’s just something about a dog standing on their owner that says, “I love you, and I’m not going anywhere.”

It’s a gesture of loyalty and devotion that is hard to find anywhere else.

And it’s really quite adorable. So next time you see your dog standing on you, take it as a compliment and enjoy the moment.

After all, they’re probably just trying to give you a big hug.

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