Best 130+ Yiddish Dog Names – Yiddish Names With Meanings For Dogs

Yiddish is the historical language that many modern Jews speak in Eastern Europe. It is said that the Yiddish language is a fusion of Hebrew with Aramaic. If you are Jewish and you have a dog, you can also use some Yiddish words as names. It’s okay if you’re not as well, because this Yiddish dog names have really unique meanings. Some even have religious meanings.

View our list of over 130 Yiddish dog names that have cool pronunciations and meanings.

yiddish dog names with meanings for naming a pup

Male Yiddish Dog Names

If you have a male dog, why not give them a memorable name that not every pet parent uses. Check these Yiddish names specifically for a male dog with their meanings.

male yiddish dog names
Hadar means ‘greatness.’
Anshel Anshel means ‘fortunate’ or ‘happy’.
Azrael means “angel of death”
Motke Yiddish version of Mordechai
Haskel meaning ‘God strengthens’.
Adam means ‘the ground’ or ‘earth’.
Uri means ‘my light’
From means ‘fruitful’
Kyle means ‘victorious.’
Achala Achala means ‘great.’
Levi means ‘attached to me.’
Chayim Means ‘life’ or ‘living’
Ezra means ‘help or assistance.’
Abraham Means ‘father of many nations’
Bagel Another food-inspired name
Zundel means ‘sonny boy’ or ‘small boy’.
Aryeh means ‘lion.’
Mendel means ‘comforter’
Caleb means ‘faithful.’
Feivel means ‘shining one.’
Abel means ‘breathe’ in Hebrew.
Gil Gil means ‘happiness’
Ahron means ‘mountain.’
Kuni means ‘childish’
Velvel means ‘wolf.’
Aizik translates to ‘laughing’ or ‘he will laugh’.
Tevel means ‘dearly loved’
Samson means ‘bright sun.’
Jonah means ‘dove.’
Gel Gel means ‘yellow’
Lantz means ‘spear’.
Lemel Means ‘little lamb.’
Manish refers to a ‘fierce, strong man’ or just ‘man.’
Chatzkel A religious name that means ‘God strengthens.’
Issur means ‘He who struggles with God.’
David means ‘friend’
Zipkiyah means ‘defends mankind.’
Tevye Means ‘good’
Alon means ‘oak tree.’
Elye Elye means ‘height’
Eli means ‘elevate.’
Noam Means ‘pleasantness.’
Alter Means ‘old man.’
Gavril Another form of Gabriel from the bible
Zindel means ‘defender of man.’
Achi means ‘my brother.’
Fishel means ‘little fish.’
Kugel name of a Jewish baked casserole dish.
Akiva Means ‘held by the heel’
Hirsch means ‘deer.’

Female Yiddish Dog Names

If you have a female dog, there are some Yiddish words that are feminine and have awesome meanings. Check these Yiddish names specifically for a male dog with their meanings.

female yiddish dog names
Alma means ‘maiden.’
Shayna means ‘beautiful.’
Henye A religious name meaning ‘God is gracious.”
Bluma meaning “bloom” or “flower”.
Amira means ‘treetop.’
Reina Comes from Yiddish word ‘rein’ meaning ‘clean’ or ‘pure.’
Roiza means ‘rose.’
Zemirah Means ‘blessed’, ‘happy in life’.
Freida means ‘joy.’
Rochel means ‘ewe’ or female sheep.
Miriam means ‘sea of bitterness.’
Breindel Means “brunette” in Yiddish
Adina means ‘gentle.’
Hinda A female name that is Yiddish for ‘deer.’
Libka Libka means ‘love’
Bielka means ‘beautiful’, ‘white.’
Carmel Means ‘vineyard’, ‘garden’, ‘orchard.’
Eidel Means ‘delicate.’
Atara means ‘crown.’
Fruma means ‘one who is religious.’
Esther means ‘hidden.’
Keila Keila means ‘vessel’
Bayla means ‘beautiful.’
Perle means “pearl”
Zissa meaning ‘sweet girl.’
Malka means ‘queen.’
Bine means ‘bee.’
Leila a Hebrew word meaning ‘night’ or ‘dark beauty.’
Pesha refers to someone who is born on Easter.
Shprintza a unique name that means ‘hope.’
Adele means ‘God is eternal.’
Frema means ‘pious one.’
Sarah name that means ‘ruler’ or ‘princess.’
Adah name after an ornament.
Golda Golda means ‘gold’
Henda means ‘favor’ or ‘grace.’
Matilda means ‘strong one’, ‘heroine.’
Ruth means ‘friendship’ or ‘friendly.’
Tovah Tovah means ‘a good woman.’
Zelda means blessed.
Shoshanah means ‘lily, rose.’
Charna Charna means dark
Ita Means ‘little home ruler.’
Blima means ‘blossom.’
Kreindel means ‘crown.’
Gruna means ‘green’
Gitel Gitel means ‘good’
Mirele means ‘obstinacy, rebelliousness.’
Kayle means ‘heaven.’
Tzofiya unique name meaning ‘guard’ or ‘scout.’

Other Jewish & Yiddish Dog Names

Here are other Jewish and Yiddish names for you to consider.

jewish and yiddish dog names
  • Nes (Miracle)
  • Tzevi (Gazelle)
  • Uphaz (Gold)
  • Kalev (Dog)
  • Moche (Our Teacher)
  • Paroh (Great House)
  • Lemek (Powerful)
  • Nissa (To Test)
  • Yalla (Hurry)
  • Balagan (Mess)
  • Dodi (Beloved)
  • Achala (Great)
  • Achi (My Brother)
  • Pili (Miraculous)
  • Gala (Wave)
  • Hadar (Honor)
  • Liba (Heart)
  • Elazar (God)
  • Flint (Shotgun)
  • Vered (Rose)
  • Gad (Troop)
  • Meydad (Love)
  • Iyra (Watchful)
  • Ittay (Neighboring)
  • Baraq (Flash of Lightning)
  • Doran (Gift)
  • Chayim (Life)
  • Qayin (Possession)
  • Yoqtan (Small)
  • Shlomo (Peaceable)
  • Yithrow (Abundance)
  • Ori (My Light)

Other than these awesome Yiddish dog names, we also have another list containing Jewish dog names with meanings. Yiddish is the common language for many Jewish families and we are astounded by each of the meanings of these words. So why not consider these names for your new pup?

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