10 Best Pets For Kids

#7 Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are becoming more and more common as companion pets. They are less prone to biting than a hamster, take up less space than dogs and cats, and are rather responsive to their owners. Guinea pigs are also hardier than some of the other, smaller rodent species. They are also known to be less skittish than many small pets and are tamed very easily.

#8 Ferret

Ferrets are coming into their own as pets. They spend most of their time in their enclosure, but can also be brought out for regular playtime. These animals are extremely playful and will spend hours playing with their toys and human companions. They are social and love spending time with their family.

#9 Mice

While a mouse might not be your first thought when you consider getting a pet, these small rodents can make a wonderful addition to your family. Mice require very little space but are also intelligent and social. Mice are a great pet for a child who wants a pet to watch but isn’t impressed with fish. These pets are easily kept in groups, which makes them very interesting to watch. They are also pretty easy to care for, requiring only a cage, food, and a few other items.

#10 Gerbil

Gerbils aren’t as popular as guinea pigs and hamsters, but they can make great pets. They are not easily spooked and therefore do not bite very much. They are awake for periods during the day, unlike hamsters, and require less cleaning. Gerbils are desert creatures, and therefore make less waste than most animals. They are also durable and can be readily handled.

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