10 Dogs That Love This Quarantine

In quarantine and self-isolation, you have to constantly be at home. For some dog breeds, this can be a real challenge. For other breeds, this will not be a problem.

#1 Greyhound

These dogs feel comfortable in small spaces. These are very gentle and quiet animals.

#2 Bulldog

Dogs of this breed love to be at home and lie on the couch. They do not need a lot of space.

#3 Chihuahua

These dogs are not much affected by the lack of walking. They can be taught to use the toilet at home.

#4 Boston Terrier

These dogs do not like to bark at all, which means they will not cause concern to neighbors.

#5 Pug

Long walks to such pets are contraindicated, however, the pug will most likely prefer sleep to any physical activity. In quarantine, this is a plus.

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