11 Unbelievable Things You Should Know About Boxers

Boxers are muscular dogs with a square head. The animal looks quite impressive. Because of their playfulness and boundless energy, these pets are often called “Peters Foams”. It is believed that boxers reach their full maturity by the third year of life. Thus, representatives of this breed belong to dogs with the longest maturity.

#1 Origin history

Boxers are the descendants of German Bullenbeissers (dogs descended from bulldogs). Bullenbeissers have been used as hunting dogs for centuries. They hunted bears, deer and wild boars. The task of the dog was to catch and hold the prey until the arrival of the hunters. Over time, the Bullenbeisser began to be used by farmers and butchers to protect livestock.


Today it is known for sure that the boxer was bred at the end of the 19th century. Georg Alt, a resident of Munich, who bred Bullenbeissers, crossed a dog with a pet (unknown breed) of a certain city woman named Flora. As a result, a dog that was named Lechner Box was bred. This is the starting point for the breeding boxer. Later, Lechner Boxing was again crossed with Bullenbeisser. Although the dogs obtained as a result of such crosses were not much like modern boxers, studies show that these animals are the ancestors of the boxer.

#3 Boxer character

Boxers, despite their activity, are obedient. They belong to guard dogs, therefore, nature endowed with special vigilance. The pet is friendly in communicating with children, but it treats strangers with caution, but responds the same with polite treatment.


Aggression is manifested only if it is necessary to protect your family. The nature of the Вoxer depends on a number of factors, including heredity, training and socialization.

#5 Maintenance and care

Boxers have a short coat, so caring for a dog is not very difficult. The boxer is very clean, for which he is often compared to a cat. In order to maintain the coat in good condition, one weekly combing is sufficient. Dogs of this breed are bathed only when necessary, as a rule, once every three to four months.

#6 Teeth

Dog teeth require careful care. Experts say that weekly brushing your teeth will be enough to prevent tartar, gum disease. This procedure will also help prevent bad breath.

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