14 Big Facts About St. Bernards

#7 They were great at clearing paths, could predict incoming avalanches, and, thanks to their excellent sense of smell, could detect a body buried under 20 feet of snow. 😮

#8 And once they located someone trapped under a snow heap, they could use their huge paws to dig them out.👍😊

#9 This easy-going temperament makes the dog a great choice for a family pet.😊😇

#10 Saint Bernard is a breed of dog that is usually associated with rescuing people in the Alps with a barrel of brandy around its neck as this is the way they have been depicted in the media.🐶😋

#11 The rescue dogs never actually wore these miniature barrels, but they did carry around packs filled with food and water. 😊✌

#12 After one particularly hard winter, the monks attempted to cross the breed with the long-haired Newfoundland to give their rescue pooches a thicker winter coat.🤔

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