14 Facts That Persian Cat Lovers Should Know

The Persian cat is one of the most beautiful and popular breeds in the whole world. It belongs to one of the most ancient breeds. These cats were especially popular at the end of the last century in America. After the trend spread to Europe.

#1 The Persian cat is one of the most adapted for life in the family and the most unsuitable for survival in the wild.

#2 It perfectly finds common ground with children, endures their annoyance and whims.

#3 It chooses for himself one owner, whom he begins to consider his master, devotedly loves him, tries to protect and heal.

#4 In the absence of the owner, their life freezes, they do not even eat, it can sit in one place all the time.

#5 They have different temperaments, but there are no aggressive Persian cats.

#6 They have a soft, barely audible voice, but they rarely give it. If they need something, they just stare into the person’s eyes.

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