14 Facts Why Shelties Are The Funniest Dogs Ever

Many people call them “Shelties”. They are popular in many countries and sometimes Shelties`re used for herding. But all in all they are good friends and can easily make your day😃!

#1 You can`t stop adopting them!😄

  1. I Love the Shelties in every single color! They are extremely high energy dogs, so put a leash on them & let them mow the yard with you, they’ll be more than glad to help!!!

#2 Big, fluffy, cute!😚😍❤️

  1. They can also weigh a lot. Ppl don’t know this, but if they suddenly get overheated and Altho you may not understand then, I will carry my sweet love home!!!

#4 Actually, I’d like to order McChicken,but they don`t understand me…😣😩

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