14 Features For The Care Of Happiness In The Fold – Shar Pei

Despite the centuries past, Shar Pei managed to preserve a unique combination of breed features – the hippo face with the “labyrinths” of the mind carved on it. Countless folds of skins that hide happiness. How to care for the main feature of Shar-Pei – skin?

#1 Chinese Shar Pei delights with its exotic appearance, a large number of folds and a “hippopotamus” muzzle.

#2 Shar-pei wool is an important breed characteristic, and its texture is noted in the name of the breed.

#3 The most common translation of the word “Shar Pei” means “sand wool” or “sand dog”.

#4 The barbed texture of the coat protects the dog during the attack.

#6 Caring for her is simple, traditional, like any short-haired dog; it is best to use a special glove for combing.

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