14 Interesting and Funny Facts About Papillons

#9 One Papillon became fairly rich after the demise of her owner

In 2014, when American actress Lauren Bacall died, she left 10,000 dollars for her pet Sophie, who is a Papillon, so that she could live a comfortable life.

#10 Papillons, in the olden times, became the fascination of a lot of famous painters

Because of their attractive looks and endearing size, these canines were adored by various highly popular painters who loved to have these pooches in their artworks and paintings. 

#11 You’ll find Papillons in a rainbow variety of colors

These various combinations include black, brown, red, lemon, sable and tan. Papillons that are all white or that have no white are faulted in judging. 

#12 Papillons are popular show dogs

With sharp minds and equally keen agility, Papillons are more adept athletes than you might expect. 

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