14 Nutrition And Care Tips For Raccoons

Domestic cats and dogs were once wild animals, but now they faithfully serve people and live in peace and harmony with them. However, many are no longer interested in keeping an “ordinary” pet, and they seek to get a more exotic companion, such as a raccoon. These small animals have recently become increasingly popular, but it is still difficult to answer how reasonable it is to tame them and keep them at home. In any case, if you decide to get such a pet, then you should definitely consider all the nuances of caring for it.

#1 When you decide to have a raccoon in your home, take it to yourself as a child, as adults will no longer be able to adapt to new conditions, which will create problems for both of you.

#2 It does not matter how much you love animals and want the raccoon’s living conditions to be as comfortable as possible, but it’s better to keep them in a spacious aviary or cage.

#3 Take care of the presence in the aviary of a small house for sleeping, a toilet (you can use the usual deep cat tray), a feeder and a basin with water.

#5 If you let your raccoon walk around the apartment, do not forget about the constant monitoring of it.

#6 To prevent the raccoon from injuring itself, remove all piercing and cutting objects in advance and securely close all the doors.

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