14 Photos Of Hamsteropolis – Miniature Hamster Town That Looks Better Than Yours

Little hungry hamsters live in a miniature town and eat tiny food. Every detail (and there are 1325 of them) is made manually, and it took 1984 hours to build a town called Yumville. The reason for its creation was the advertisement of one of the leading food production companies: nine videos were shot about a family of hamsters obsessed with delicious food. The task is to make products desirable for consumers, and hamsters did an excellent job of this❤️🐹

#1 The book store “Eat, Read, Love”, where the love story of hamsters develops in the series🏡❤️🐹

#3 Hamsters poke their nose wherever food is🐹❤️🧀



#5 Life is too short to bake the dough, you can eat raw😂😂😂



#6 Apparently, hamsters have problems with a garbage disposal😂🐹🗑