14 Pros And Cons Of The Otter At Home

Often, after seeing a small, agile animal in a video or a zoo, a person gets the idea to start an otter at home, and it also makes people name the otter.

After all, she swirls so touchingly in the water in pursuit of her tail, actively plays, and gives the impression of a tireless jolly fellow. But the maintenance of such pets is not as exciting as playing with them. There are difficulties that not everyone can do.

#1 Cute and crafty muzzle, smooth coat, original coloring – getting under the charm of this little animal is not difficult at all.

#2 The otter is very sociable and mobile. It loves to whistle, chatter, never leave his master without attention.

#3 The otter is demanding on cleanliness, so you can not worry that the animal will leave its fur unattended.

#4 If you manage to tame and teach the otter any rules of behavior in the house, then you can later boast of an exotic trained pet, not like everyone else.

#5 According to the social structure, the otter is a solitary animal. Therefore, you can not worry that after the acquisition she urgently needs a relative. She gets along easily and comfortably alone.

#6 The otter can be accustomed to a home toilet tray. It is especially easy to train small otters.

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