14 Terribly Interesting Facts About the Pit Bull

The Pit Bull is, without a doubt, the most misunderstood dog breed.

#1 Pit bulls pre-date the United States – they were bred in England and were brought to America by the settlers.

#2 These dogs were bred to fight other dogs and animals, combining the strength of the English Bulldog with the gameness (fearless nature) of a terrier.

#3 Even in the early days, aggressiveness toward humans was an undesirable trait for these dogs, as human handlers often had to be in the fighting ring with them.

#4 Pit Bulls were often used in bear-baiting, a blood sport in which bears were publicly tortured for the “entertainment” of onlookers.

#5 In the old days, Pit Bulls found many uses on farms, from hunting to protection, to help with livestock.

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