14 Things That Only Weimaraner Owners Would Understand

Weimaraner owners live a unique lifestyle that includes parenting a dog that can be the most amazing and loyal companion, while trying your patience at times😃.

#1 Goofiness is a part of the job

Weimaraner owners will nod in agreement that this dog has some intensely silly moments.

#2 He will get your attention no matter what

Weimaraner’s love to have the full attention of their favorite humans and this is not negotiable. 

#3 You acquire a second shadow

It’s because when they are puppies, they follow you wherever you go.

#4 You’ll swear he’s a human

Weimaraner’s are a breed that really do remind you of humans and part of the reason is that they think they are. When one of these amazing dogs joins your family, it’s all the way.

#5 They love repetition

Your Weimaraner is a creature of habit and once he develops a routine, it is expected. If you don’t participate in a daily walk, or deliver his food and water, you’ll know about it. 

#6 Snuggles are mandatory

Weimaraners who are properly socialized and raised in a loving home can’t seem to get enough of hugs, snuggles and physical contact.

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