14 Tips For Caring And Training Goldendoodle

How to care for beautiful curly hair Goldendoodle? Is it easy to train Goldendoodle? How long will it take? Look for answers to these questions in our article.

#2 Its wavy hair grows to a length of 5-7 centimeters and molts almost imperceptibly.

#3 Hair of this breed will benefit from combing once or twice a week, although a representative of the breed with a short haircut needs to be combed only once every two weeks.

#4 Bathe your pet only if it gets very dirty because water and dog shampoos can wash away natural protective oils from his coat and skin.

According to We Love Doodles, an authority on the doodle breed, goldendoodle parents must bathe their doodles after 4 – 8 weeks.

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