14 Tips For Raising And Training A Cane Corso

Cane Corso also known as Corsi is a huge and muscular dog breed and considered as a bodyguard-dog. But he’s easily trained, smart, loyal and eager to please.

If you found your breed and chose a Cane Corso, this is just the beginning. Now you have to grow from it the very dog that you dreamed of. A healthy and active, faithful, and disciplined, a matter of pride for you and an object of admiration for others. This article will tell you how to care for your Cane Corso puppy properly.

#1 As soon as a puppy has appeared in your house, start working on the formation of his character and temperament.

#2 Do not indulge the pranks of a small pet, and thereby you instill a sense of permissiveness in the dog.

#3 It is necessary to raise a pet, taking into account its innate instincts.

#5 We make acquaintance with a place for sleeping and a place for feeding.

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