14 Tips To Help You Choose A Pekingese Puppy

You fell in love with the Pekingese so much that you decided to have a dog of this breed at home? Then you have a difficult task – to choose a puppy. What to look for when choosing a puppy?

#1 First of all, you need to determine the gender of your future dog.

#2 Color is a matter of personal preference. Nowadays, in the color of most Pekingese, one or another shade of tan is present – from pale tan with silver tint to a mixed tan when black hair is mixed into the main shade.

#4 Look at the puppies’ living conditions. If the seller keeps them at home, warm, clean, caring and provides good nutrition, you can be sure that the dog will not have health problems.

#5 Spend some time next to the puppies, look at the parents, at least the puppy’s mother.

#6 To study the breed standards, make sure that the desired characteristics are available in the following areas: size, body proportions, coat, color and temperament.

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