15 Books About Pit bulls

Interesting and useful books about pit bulls. Let’s start watching the list of references!

#1 “The Complete Guide to Pit Bulls: Finding, Raising, Feeding, Training, Exercising, Grooming, and Loving your new Pit Bull Dog” (2019) by Erin Hotovy.

#2 “I’m a Good Dog: Pit Bulls, America’s Most Beautiful (and Misunderstood) Pet” (2015) by Ken Foster.

#3 “Colby’s Book of the American Pit Bull Terrier”(1997) by Louis B. Colby, Diane Jessup.

#4 ” Pit Bull: The Battle over an American Icon” (2016) by Bronwen Dickey.

#5 “The Lost Dogs: Michael Vick’s Dogs and Their Tale of Rescue and Redemption” (2010) by Jim Gorant.

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