15 Books About Pomeranians (Part 1)

15 interesting and useful books, which to help you get to know your pet. Let’s start watching.

#1 “The Complete Guide to Pomeranians: Finding, Preparing for, Socializing, Training, Feeding, and Loving Your New Pomeranian Puppy” (2019) by Vanessa Richie.

#4 “Pomeranians And The Pomeranian: Pomeranian Total Guide- Pomeranians, Pomeranian Dogs, Pomeranian Puppies, Pomeranian Training, Pomeranian Breeders, Pomeranian Health, & Much More Covered!” (2018) by Mark Manfield.

#5 “The Pomeranian Handbook: A Complete Guide to The Cutest Canine in The Cosmos” (2019) by Denise Leo.

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