15 Incredible Facts About Guinea Pigs That You Did Not Know About

Guinea pigs are cute, furry creatures that many keep as pets.🐹💕 They are easily tame, and when grown at home, they become devoted and affectionate pets. In suitable conditions, surrounded by care and having the right diet, guinea pigs can live long enough to please their owners with their attention.

#2 The ancient ancestors of guinea pigs were the size of a bull and weighed up to 700 kilograms.

#3 These rodents were tamed by the Incas, for whom they served as a source of valuable meat.

#4 The body length of guinea pigs reached 35 centimeters, and the weight of adult males – 1.5 kilograms.

#5 Guinea pigs are forced to eat constantly and in small portions due to the special structure of the digestive system.

#6 Guinea pigs – remember their name, love to sit on your hands and purr when they are stroked.

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