15 Incredible Facts About The Rarest Dog In The World – Chinook

The rarest dog breed in the world is the Chinook. What is known about this unusual breed of dog?

And if have a Chinook as a pet, here are some suggestions to name your Chinook.

#1 The founder of the breed was Arthur Walden, who set himself the goal of creating the perfect sled dog, the breed possessing: great power, strength and endurance, speed, as well as adapted to the harsh conditions of the American North.

#3 Chinook was originally bred in New Hampshire at the beginning of the 20th century.

#4 Even at the peak of its popularity, the number of individuals of this breed of dogs was less than 300 dogs, and by 1966 it was reduced to 125 individuals.

#5 In 1978, there were only 27 dogs of this breed, but since then the number of chinook dogs has increased more than 2 times due to the association of owners of Chinook dogs.

#6 In September 1985, six puppies were born in New York, and the breed began to number 76 individuals, all dogs in the United States.

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