15 Incredible Facts About The Rarest Dog In The World – Chinook

#7 After the death of the founder of the breed in 1963, the number of individuals declined sharply and practically the breed was lost.

#8 The Chinooks were widely used in the Antarctic Expedition organized by Admiral Bird. There they brought great benefits. According to statistics, at least 68 kg of cargo fell on each of these harness dogs.

#9 Chinooks are not recognized by any cynological club, the main distributors of the breed are private individuals.

#10 Since 2009, the breed is a symbol of the state of New Hampshire (USA).

#11 Interestingly, the dog looks very similar to ordinary curs that run around the yards and live in village yards.

#12 And if the dogs are rare, it means the most expensive? But, in the ten most expensive breeds in the world, this breed did not get.

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